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How to use death-shot in a sentence. Death-shot pronunciation.

My own ears heard the death-shot, my own eyes beheld thy son's death-thy son's funeral.
For trampling round by Cheviot-edge Were heard the troopers keen; And frequent from the Whitelaw ridge The death-shot flash'd between,'" &c. &c.
Their death-shot shook the feudal tower, And shattered slavery's chain as well; On the sky's dome, as on a bell, Its echo struck the world's great hour.
And even as he spoke, the man fired, and a death-shot pierced Wild Bill's heart.
One night, however, when there were death-shots falling thick and fast, I saw a young man make a most _incredible_ leap.

Examples of Death-shot

Example #1
My tongue bears witness to what my ears heard and my eyes saw.
Example #2
But these which I bear are as certain as they are fatal.
Example #3
And oft he stopp'd and turn'd his head, As by fits the night-winds blew.
Example #4
In persecution's iron days, When the land was left by God.
Example #5
The flowers that blossomed from their grave Have sown themselves beneath all skies.
Example #6
Of man for man the sacrifice, All that was theirs to give, they gave.