Debouchure in a sentence

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How to use debouchure in a sentence. Debouchure pronunciation.

There was the debouchure of a bullet below the left shoulder, and the black-red stream was trickling down his ribs.
Three or four rocky buttes were in our way, near the debouchure of the pass.
It was near evening of the next day when we arrived at the foot of the sierra, at the debouchure of the canon.

Examples of Debouchure

Example #1
The limbs still quivered, but it was in the last spasms of parting life.
Example #2
He was naked to the breech-clout.
Example #3
As we rounded them, getting farther out into the plain, a wide gap began to unfold itself, opening through the mountains beyond.
Example #4
A deep incrustation of this lay upon the ground, enough to satisfy the wants of the whole human race; yet there it lay, and no hand had ever stooped to gather it.
Example #5
We could not follow the stream any farther, as there was no path by the channel.
Example #6
It would be necessary to pass over the ridge that formed the southern jaw of the chasm.