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Definition of Decker

  • One who, or that which, decks or adorns; a coverer; as, a table decker.
  • A vessel or vehicle which has a deck or decks; -- used esp. in composition; as, a single-decker; a three-decker; a double-decker bus.
  • (often used in combinations) something constructed with multiple levels
  • English dramatist and pamphleteer (1572-1632)

How to use decker in a sentence. Decker pronunciation.

The deckers were provided only with an unfurnished berth.
Decker, Captain, Milton High School Football Team.
Deckers tells of a gentleman who was wounded in the right hypochondrium, the ball being taken thirty years afterward from the knee.
The Curlew proved herself a stanch and buoyant craft, easily controlled and as stiff under sail as a two decker.
Thomas Decker, the dramatist and poet, whom Jonson attacked in his POETASTER, 1602, under the name of CRISPINUS.
Decker retorted in SATIROMASTIX, printed in the same year, in which Jonson appears as YOUNG HORACE.
As for the Millens, and the Deckers, and the McQuades-pah! Bill had a wonderful memory; he never forgot those who laughed at him and those who nodded kindly.
She was a one decker man o' war.
We was a two decker with six guns on berth deck, an' five guns on spar deck.
Another such is Robert Davenport's Abstemia, so warmly admired by Washington Irving; another is the heroine of that singularly powerful and humorous tragi-comedy, labelled to _How to Choose a Good Wife from a Bad_, which in its central situation anticipates that of Leigh Hunt's beautiful _Legend of Florence_; while Decker has revived, in one of our sweetest and most graceful examples of dramatic romance, the original incarnation of that somewhat pitiful ideal which even in a ruder and more Russian century of painful European progress out of night and winter could only be made credible, acceptable, or endurable, by the yet unequalled genius of Chaucer and Boccaccio.
Pepe, the Major-domo, who was a direct descendant of George, the squire, and who knew the history of the ducal family better than any one else, for he had learned it from his grandfather, was so dejected that one would have imagined a great misfortune had befallen him, and in the evenings, when he sat over his wine in company with the Keeper of the Cellar, the Keeper of the Plate and the Decker of the Table, he could not resist giving expression to his presentiments.
Yet he ventured to publish an edition of Shakspeare, without having ever in his life, as far as can be discovered, read a single scene of Massinger, Ford, Decker, Webster, Marlow, Beaumont, or Fletcher.

Examples of Decker

Example #1
The steam-boats, on their passage up and down the rivers, stop at nearly all the towns of importance, both for the purpose of landing and receiving freight, which enabled me to visit most of the settlements along the banks.
Example #2
The former paid thirty dollars, and the latter I believe six, on this occasion.
Example #3
Milton High School doesn't take any games except by the use of its own fair fighting devices.
Example #4
If there's really a traitor in your camp you ought to know it.
Example #5
It may be interesting to review the statistics of Haller, who has collected the greatest number of instances of extreme longevity.
Example #6
A writer to the Strand Magazine tells of 14 centenarians living in Great Britain within the last half-dozen years.