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How to use deer-hunt in a sentence. Deer-hunt pronunciation.

The deer-hunt became a soul-hunt.
Again he went on a deer-hunt, when he crossed another trail, that of hunters from another hostile tribe.
By Charles Dudley Warner The pleasurable excitement of a deer-hunt has never, I believe, been regarded from the deer's point of view.

Examples of Deer-hunt

Example #1
The wild Sicaugu grunted their amicable "Hao" as they left his teepee, their mouths filled with venison and their hearts planted with the seeds of eternal truth.
Example #2
His kettle was brimming, and as the Indians filled their mouths with the savory meat, he filled their ears with the story of the gospel, and gave them their first view of that eternal life, purchased by the blood of Christ.
Example #3
In the camp he found a sick child, the son of Samuel Heart, a Yankton Sioux.
Example #4
I happen to be in a position, by reason of a lucky Adirondack experience, to present it in that light.
Example #5
Early on the morning of the 23d of August, 1877, a doe was feeding on Basin Mountain.