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How to use demand-the in a sentence. Demand-the pronunciation.

Well, then, I ask-I demand-the repose that I have purchased by twenty-two years of active service, and by seventeen wounds, from which my blood has welled, first for my country, and then for your glory.
The other is far more general; it is the social demand-the call of the work that _needs doing.
But we make one demand-the arrmorr taken frrom the body of the dead Marrtian.

Examples of Demand-the

Example #1
It is enough!-my country needs repose, and your glory is as radiant as the sun.
Example #2
I want at length to be able to rest my weary head and aching limbs in my house, in the midst of my family, to enjoy their devotion, and no longer to be a stranger to them-to enjoy what I have purchased with a treasure that is more precious than all the riches of India-with my blood, with the blood of a man of honor, a good Frenchman, a true patriot.
Example #3
Diantha held the letter close, with hands that shook a little.
Example #4
You may be divinely ordained to fiddle-but if no one wants to hear you, you are badly off.
Example #5
The skipper was being insistent, but not particularly deadly.
Example #6
Four of them, harnessed into erect human posture, armed and armored, stood around the evening fire in the central clearing of the village now ruled by Varina Pemberton.