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He inquired also with a merry countenance after the piece of ordnance that Smith had promised to send him, and Smith, with equal jocularity, replied that he had offered the men four demi-culverins, which they found too heavy to carry.
Observe me judicially, sweet sir; they had planted me three demi-culverins just in the mouth of the breach; now, sir, as we were to give on, their master-gunner (a man of no mean skill and mark, you must think,) confronts me with his linstock, ready to give fire; I, spying his intendment, discharged my petronel in his bosom, and with these single arms, my poor rapier, ran violently upon the Moors that guarded the ordnance, and put them pell-mell, to the sword.
DEMI-CULVERIN, cannon carrying a ball of about ten pounds.

Examples of Demi-culverin

Example #1
This night they quartered with Powhatan, and were liberally feasted, and entertained with singing, dancing, and orations.
Example #2
Powhatan professed great content with Smith, but desired to see his father, Captain Newport.
Example #3
You must bring me to the rack, first.
Example #4
I assure' you, upon my reputation, 'tis true, and you shall confess.
Example #5
DENIER, the smallest possible coin, being the twelfth part of a sou. DEPART, part with.
Example #6
DEPENDANCE, ground of quarrel in duello language.