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How to use democracy-that in a sentence. Democracy-that pronunciation.

We'll teach him democracy-that's what we'll teach him.
But the severest trial of emancipation, as of democracy,-that is, of freeing black men as of freeing white men,-may not be found at the start, but long after.

Examples of Democracy-that

Example #1
We'll run that young man through high school; just about that time he'll begin to get snobbish and we'll take that out of him by sending him to sea as a cadet on one of our own ships.
Example #2
We can't send that boy to college, and spoil him before he's twenty-five.
Example #3
One thing certainly has shaken my old convictions about the feasibility of immediate emancipation, and that is the experiment of emancipated labor on the Mississippi and about Port Royal.
Example #4
And in the mean time I do not see that anything could be better than the cautious and tentative manner in which the President is proceeding.