Denting in a sentence

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How to use denting in a sentence. Denting pronunciation.

The snow-sheet has been spread, and a downward sweep of violent wind will hit the surface, denting it, scraping away an edge of the top layer, and usually gripping through into lower layers; then, rebounding, it will lift the whole sheet up again, or any part of it; and, shattering it into its component crystals, will throw these aloft and afar to be laid down again further on.
The ploughshare has struck against a rock and grits, denting its edge in vain.
Darkly denting the red light reveal'd at its back, The old ruin'd abbey rose roofless and black.

Examples of Denting

Example #1
Sometimes, however, the opposite process will bring about nearly the same result.
Example #2
Since it takes a more violent burst of wind to effect this true exfoliation than it does to bring about the adfoliation, and since, further, the snow once indented, will yield to the depth of several layers, the true exfoliation edges are usually thicker than the others: and, of course, they are always to be found on the wind side.
Example #3
My veil is gone,-my ample, historic, heroic veil.
Example #4
But we will plough no longer in that field.
Example #5
The spring that yet oozed through the moss-paven floor Had suggested, no doubt, to the monks there, of yore, The sight of that refuge where back to its God How many a heart, now at rest 'neath the sod, Had borne from the world all the same wild unrest That now prey'd on his own!
Example #6
The day had been sullen; but, towards his decline, The sun sent a stream of wild light up the pine.