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In their despair-for properly speaking they were not national fanatics but only egoistic politicians-they ultimately made common cause with Antigonus the son of Aristobulus, and threw themselves into the arms of the Parthians, perceiving the interests of the Romans and of Herod to be inseparable (40).
But how Cosmo longed for his departure, that he might in peace despair!-for such seemed to himself his desire for solitude.

Examples of Despair-for

Example #1
The trouble which in the meantime the organisers of the church of the second temple had in forcing into effect the new and strict regulations is clear from Nehemiah xiii.
Example #2
It was of no avail to them that after the battle of Philippi (42) they accused Herod and Phasael (Antipater having been murdered in 43) before Antony of having been helpful in every possible way to Cassius; Antony declared himself in the most decisive manner for the two brothers.
Example #3
What is it in suffering that makes man and beast long for loneliness?
Example #4
He saw at the same time Cosmo's heroic efforts to hide his sufferings, and left him to imagine himself successful.