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How to use devadattum in a sentence. Devadattum pronunciation.

There are also companies of the followers of Devadatta still existing.
Devadatta was brother of Ananda, and a near relative therefore of Sakyamuni.
In "The Life of Buddha" we read that the Lichchhavis of Vaisali had sent to the young prince a very fine elephant; but when it was near Kapilavastu, Devadatta, out of envy, killed it with a blow of his fist.
He assumes different forms, especially monstrous ones, to tempt or frighten the saints, or sends his daughters, or inspires wicked men like Devadatta or the Nirgranthas to do his work.
Ajasat murdered his father, or at least wrought his death; and was at first opposed to Sakyamuni, and a favourer of Devadatta.
The king was moved to this by Devadatta.
As you leave the old city on the north, and go down east for three le, there is the rock dwelling of Devadatta, and at a distance of fifty paces from it there is a large, square, black rock.
His father, son, wife, Ānanda (his half-brother), Devadatta (his cousin and brother-in-law), were all converted and became his disciples.
Saying this, the gods offered (unto me) this shell, _Devadatta_, sprung in the deep; and I accepted it for the sake of victory.
Thereupon taking my shell, _Devadatta_, of tremendous roars, I again and again winded it with exceeding cheerfulness.
And the lord Maghavan granted me this golden garland and this shell, Devadatta, of mighty roars, and also his celestial mail impenetrable and capable of protecting the body.

Examples of Devadattum

Example #1
They regularly make offerings to the three previous Buddhas, but not to Sakyamuni Buddha.
Example #2
They also, moreover, seek (to acquire) the blessing (of good deeds) on unfrequented ways, setting up on the road-side houses of charity, where rooms, couches, beds, and food and drink are supplied to travellers, and also to monks, coming and going as guests, the only difference being in the time (for which those parties remain).
Example #3
He was the deadly enemy, however, of the latter.
Example #4
He had become so in an earlier state of existence, and the hatred continued in every successive birth, through which they reappeared in the world.
Example #5
Nanda (not Ananda, but a half-brother of Siddhartha), coming that way, saw the carcase lying on the road, and pulled it on one side; but the Bodhisattva, seeing it there, took it by the tail, and tossed it over seven fences and ditches, when the force of its fall made a great ditch.
Example #6
He is called in Pali Kala Devala, and had been a minister of Suddhodana's father.