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How to use devined in a sentence. Devined pronunciation.

Gale devined that somewhere along this crater of hell the Yaqui would make his final stand; and one look into his strange, inscrutable eyes made imagination picture a fitting doom for the pursuing Rojas.
Belding did not soften, for he devined that Chase's emotion was due to the probing of an old wound, the recalling of a past both happy and painful.
The reason the Lord met them and sought to kill the son, was readily devined by Zipporah; her son had not been circumcised; so with woman's quick intuition and natural courage to save the life of her husband, she skillfully performed the necessary operation, and the travellers went on their way rejoicing.

Examples of Devined

Example #1
Gale saw him stop and gaze out over that red-ribbed void to the Gulf.
Example #2
He moved and looked about him as a man coming at last into his own.
Example #3
Still, human nature was so strange that perhaps kindness and sympathy might yet have a place in this Chase's heart.
Example #4
The revelation did not surprise him.
Example #5
The word circumcision seems to have a very elastic meaning "uncircumcised lips" is used to describe that want of power to speak fluently, from which Moses suffered and which he so often deplored.
Example #6
So Moses took his wife and his sons and set them on an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt.