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Definition of Devoted

  • Consecrated to a purpose; strongly attached; zealous; devout; as, a devoted admirer.

How to use devoted in a sentence. Devoted pronunciation.

So Johnny K- and I devoted our time to amusement.
We devoted the next day to this work, but we did so much "sitting around" and discussing, that by the middle of the afternoon we had achieved only a half-way sort of affair which one of us had to watch while the other cut brush, lest if both turned our backs we might not be able to find it again, it had such a strong family resemblance to the surrounding vegetation.
He had devoted himself and his son to a life of penance, hoping and striving that so Glycera's soul might be snatched from damnation, and now he knew that she herself had earned her title to Heaven.
Shooting, to be sure, is common enough in Russia; it appears in Artsybashev's "Sanin," and there was a time when Tolstoi was devoted to this sport, though it later appeared on his long blacklist.
Can it be that love, sacred, devoted love, is not all-powerful?
He soon went to his home at Yasnaya Polyana, established a school for the peasants, and devoted himself to the arduous labour of their education.
The young man recovered, pursued a collegiate and theological course, and still lives and labors as a most devoted and useful Christian pioneer.
The following instances show that those who are devoted to God's good work and helping in his service can ask for anything needed for their personal comfort, and expect the Lord to grant them.
A devoted mother and a sister, who had watched over me tenderly during my long illness, were completely exhausted.
After morning service, a band of devoted women met, and offered fervent prayers that God would spare my life.
He was at the time poorly clad, but was a devoted Christian, and is at present a successful foreign missionary.
Doctor Cullis is a man of humility, and devoted to his life work, and has been most abundantly blessed by the Lord in his field.
I went down on my knees, and on them I stayed until I had asked God many times to take away all my appetite for rum and tobacco, and everything else which was displeasing to Him, and make me a new creature in Christ Jesus-a holy, devoted Christian man, for the sake of Him who died for sinners.
He adored his son, and both as father and husband might have served as a model for all his subjects; yet in spite of whatever he may have said on the subject himself, I do not think he loved Marie Louise with the same devoted affection as Josephine.
Many young men belonging to good families received sub-lieutenancies, and one hundred and thirty thousand francs were devoted to various charities.
This woman of angelic goodness, who had fallen into a long swoon on learning her sentence of repudiation, and who since that fatal day had dragged out a sad life in the brilliant solitude of Malmaison; this devoted wife who had shared for fifteen years the fortunes of her husband, and who had assisted so powerfully in his elevation, was not the last to rejoice at the birth of the King of Rome.
This enthusiast declared with pride that she had stood at a certain street corner for seven hours, accompanied by a child of five years old, the same who now sat on her lap, nodding in utter weariness; together they were going to see the illuminations, and walk about, with intervals devoted to refreshments, for several hours more.
Until a year or two ago she had adorned the private bar of a public-house kept by her husband; retired from this honourable post, she now devoted herself to society and the domestic virtues.
No one could be more devoted to me than she is.
Mary, she well knew, abhorred the deceit they were practising, and thought hard things of the man who made it a necessity; so it did not surprise her that the devoted woman showed no deep concern at a new danger.

Examples of Devoted

Example #1
He was the young son of an Ohio nabob and was out there for recreation.
Example #2
I was private Secretary to his majesty the Secretary and there was not yet writing enough for two of us.
Example #3
But we were satisfied with it.
Example #4
However, two saplings, duly cut and trimmed, compelled recognition of the fact that a still modester architecture would satisfy the law, and so we concluded to build a "brush" house.
Example #5
He could no longer conceal from himself that Hermas was not ripe for the life of an anchorite, and since he had learned that his unhappy wife-whom he had so long given up for lost-had died a Christian, he found that he could reconcile his thoughts to relinquishing the boy to the world.
Example #6
We are never better disposed to be satisfied with even bad news than when we have expected it to be much worse; so Stephanus listened to his friend's explanation quite calmly, and with signs of approval.