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Kunti, and Draupadi, and she of the Sattwata race, possessed of great fame, and Ulupi, the daughter of the snake chief, and queen Chitrangada, and the sister of Dhrishtaketu, and the daughter of Jarasandha,-these and many other ladies, O chief of men, used to wait upon the daughter of Suvala like maids of all work.
There were prince Lakshmana (the son of Duryodhana), and the son of Dhrishtadyumna, and all the children of Sikhandin, and Dhrishtaketu, with his younger brother.
I desire to see, O Narada, Virata and Drupada and the other great Kshatriyas headed by Dhrishtaketu, as also Shikhandi, the Pancala prince, the sons of Draupadi, and Abhimanyu, irresistible in battle.
Dhrishtaketu and Jayatsena and king Satyajit, the sons of Duryodhana, and Shakuni the son of Subala, Karnas sons of great prowess, king Jayadratha, Ghatotkaca and others whom thou hast not mentioned, the other heroic kings of blazing formstell me for what period they remained in Heaven.

Examples of Dhrishtaketu

Example #1
Performing ablutions there times a day is the duty of the classes, while the Homa, with water and fruits from the wilderness, belongs to the wedded recluses as performed by the Rishis in general.
Example #2
Thou art the root of the tree of the world.
Example #3
By putting forth his puissance, he also subjugated the vast multitudes of those enemies of the deities.
Example #4
It is true, thou desirest to acquire it, but then it is incapable of acquisition by persons begotten on uncleansed souls.
Example #5
The commentator explains that Bhava is here used in the sense of that from which all things now and into which all things merge when the universal dissolution comes.
Example #6
A second wife is taken from the Sudra order.