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Definition of Dia

  • an intelligence agency of the United States in the Department of Defense; is responsible for providing intelligence in support of military planning and operations and weapons acquisition

How to use dia in a sentence. Dia pronunciation.

In the back of the wagon sat a young squaw and two papooses, and beside them were stacked three or four of the gay, handwoven rugs for which the white people will pay many dollars. "Buenas dias," said the driver of the wagon, who was an oldish Indian with a true picture-postal face.
He hobbled over and, using both arms, dragged it off its dias.
Buenos dias, senor," ceremoniously said the foremost guerrilla. By straining her ears Madeline heard that voice, and she recognized it as belonging to Don Carlos.
He managed, after many trials, to acquire "buenos dias" and "buenos tardes," and "senorita" and "gracias," and a few other short terms.
Finally Bartholomew Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope and proved that the African India had no Atlantic coast; and he also proved that there existed a southern hemisphere of great possibilities.
Vasco da Gama, following Dias around the Cape of Good Hope, crossed the Indian Ocean and at last cast anchor in the dazzlingly rich city of Calcutta, the real India.
In trying to escape the long calms which had beset Bartolome Dias in the Gulf of Guinea, Pedro Cabral, commander of the fleet, struck out quite far from the Morocco coast and got into the Equatorial Current.
A rope's end was thrown down into her, and the picturesque individual who had been steering her nimbly climbed up the side of the yacht and stepped on deck, where he was met by Don Hermoso. "Buenos dias, Senor!
Bernaldez has _algunos dias_, and Coma says the tarry at Gomera was nearly six days.
This last chronological difficulty may perhaps be accounted for in this way: The original manuscript of the _Historie_ may have had "XXX dias," which a copyist or the Italian translator may have taken for "LXX dias.

Examples of Dia

Example #1
And: "Hello," said the other, who was young and wore a bright blue coat, such as young Mexicans affect.
Example #2
The Happy Family laughed uproariously, to the evident bewilderment of the two Indians who, swathed in blankets and with their hair knotted and tied with a green ribbon and a yellow, drove leisurely toward the group in an old wagon that had a bright new seat and was drawn by a weazened span of mangy-looking bay ponies.
Example #3
Then, with the remainder of his strength, dropped it squarely on top of whomever was under the skins.
Example #4
The only thing his eye spotted was the idol.
Example #5
His graceful bow to Stewart was also familiar.
Example #6
Horses with Mexican riders came in single file and stopped behind the leader.