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How to use did-they in a sentence. Did-they pronunciation.

The horses, of course, still had a weary, weary time of it, but as soon as we got back to our old trail-which we presently did-they knew the road at least.
The plows these people use are simply a sharpened stick, such as Abraham plowed with, and they still winnow their wheat as he did-they pile it on the house-top, and then toss it by shovel-fulls into the air until the wind has blown all the chaff away.
If my fellows worked like horses-which they did-they also drank like fishes.
The German armies marched, and the Socialists in the German armies did exactly what the non-Socialists did-they fired upon the red flag, as they would have fired upon the flag of the Tsar.

Examples of Did-they

Example #1
I saw that the very moment we reached it by the way they turned on to it and stepped out more briskly.
Example #2
And yet, though what followed, was not exactly pleasure, my troubles were over for the day.
Example #3
They never invent any thing, never learn any thing.
Example #4
An American, of ordinary intelligence, would soon widely extend his property, at an outlay of mere manual labor, performed at night, under so loose a system of fencing as this.
Example #5
Their mouths were so dry with the pickle, they said.
Example #6
But the total abstainers were the worst, being out of practice with the can.