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This series of 22 eBooks consists entirely of illustrations and * * page images; there are only a few sections with text which could * * be effectively scanned and digitized.
It is a collection of about 3,000 digitized French texts from the 16th to the 20th centuries, with a search facility (Stella) for literary, linguistic, lexicographical, and stylistic research.
It is now the biggest digital library on the Web in terms of the number of books (3,700 e-texts in July 2001) that have been patiently digitized in text format by 600 volunteers from all over the world.
At first they were just books in English, but now ones in other languages are being digitized.
The digitized images are stored here," he said pointing at a a rack of equipment.
Diacritical marks in the original are absent from this digitized version.
Today, you can also retrieve books and articles, technical reports, graphics pictures, files of digitized music, weather reports, and much more.
Hams are working on real-time digitized voice communications, still-frame (and even moving) graphics, and live multiplayer games.
If your purpose is to transfer digitized pictures, a computer program, a batch of invoices, a piece of music or an animated sequence of pictures, it's important that each character (bit) arrives correctly.

Examples of Digitized

Example #1
This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.
Example #2
Scanning assistance from Geof Pawlicki using Internet Archive Equipment Updated editions will replace the previous one-the old editions will be renamed.
Example #3
The database, which was revamped in 1998, now has a more user-friendly interface, more efficient online help and better computing tools.
Example #4
Frantext is one of the best French textual databases on the Internet.
Example #5
Some old documents are typed line by line, mainly because the originals are unclear, but most works are scanned using OCR (optical character recognition) software.
Example #6
From the beginning, its mission has been to put at everybody's disposal, free, as many books as possible whose copyright has expired.