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The Princess herself, attired in a dinner-dress made with quite a modern Parisian elegance, received him in her usual graceful manner, and expressed with much sweetness her hope that the air of the desert would prove beneficial to him after the great heats that had prevailed in Cairo.
There is a gray satin on the bed there, that will make a very pretty dinner-dress.
She stood in the dusk in a window that looked out upon the park, and she was now so intent upon her purpose as to be still and self-forgetful; she was dressed in a dinner-dress of white and pale green, that set off her slim erect body and the strong clear lines of her neck and shoulders very beautifully, some greenish stones caught a light from without and flashed soft whispering gleams from amidst the misty darkness of her hair.

Examples of Dinner-dress

Example #1
Nothing but conventionalities were spoken.
Example #2
When he entered the Princess's salon that evening, he found Dr. Dean and Gervase already there.
Example #3
The fashion only needs to be changed, and we have ample material.
Example #4
Theo rose from her knees with the tears scarcely dry in her eyes.
Example #5
She was going to Lady Marayne and the opera, and he was bound for a dinner at the House with some young Liberals at which he was to meet two representative Indians with a grievance from Bengal.
Example #6
And then suddenly so that she was astonished at herself, there came a moment when she ceased to argue.