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You'll see more fossil ferns there, and the skeleton of a diplodocus-" "A dip-what?" demanded Roger. "Diplodocus, with the accent on the _plod_; one of the hugest animals that ever walked the earth.
As the name implies, this group includes most of the colossal animals, such as the Diplodocus, which the illustrated magazine has made familiar to most people.
The admirer of the enormous skeleton of Diplodocus (which ran to eighty feet) in the British Museum must wonder how even such massive limbs could sustain the mountain of flesh that must have covered those bones.
But the Diplodocus is neither the largest nor heaviest of its family.

Examples of Diplodocu

Example #1
They found the bones of this monster almost complete in Colorado and wired them together so you can get an idea of what really 'big game' was like in the early geological days.
Example #2
There's also a Music Hall and an art museum and a natural history museum.
Example #3
Fortunately the assiduous research of American geologists and their great skill and patience in restoring the dead forms enable us to form a very fair picture of this family of medieval giants and its remarkable ramifications.
Example #4
The Deinosaurs (or "terrible reptiles"), the monarchs of the land and the swamps, are the central and outstanding family of the Mesozoic reptiles.
Example #5
It probably did not walk so firmly as the skeleton suggests, but sprawled in the swamps or swam like a hippopotamus.
Example #6
Feeding on vegetal matter in the luscious swamps, and having their vast bulk lightened by their aquatic life, they soon attained the most formidable proportions.