Discovry in a sentence

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How to use discovry in a sentence. Discovry pronunciation.

To him with questions, and with urine, They for discov'ry flock, or curing.
Ess'lent discov'ry yours, Cavor," said I. "Se'nd on'y to the 'tato.

Examples of Discovry

Example #1
I've heard of, and should like it well, If thou canst prove the Saints have freedom To go to Sorc'rers when they need 'em.
Example #2
Quoth RALPH, Not far from hence doth dwell 105 A cunning man, hight SIDROPHEL, That deals in destiny's dark counsels, And sage opinions of the Moon sells; To whom all people, far and near, On deep importances repair; 110 When brass and pewter hap to stray, And linen slinks out of the way; When geese and pullen are seduc'd, And sows of sucking-pigs are chows'd; When cattle feel indisposition, 115 And need th' opinion of physician; When murrain reigns in hogs or sheep.
Example #3
Cavor replied to my third repetition of my "surplus population" remark with similar words of approval.
Example #4
I looked at him, shocked at his suddenly hoarse voice, and by the badness of his articulation.