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Definition of Disinterment

  • The act of disinterring, or taking out of the earth; exhumation.
  • the act of digging something up out of the ground (especially a corpse) where it has been buried

How to use disinterment in a sentence. Disinterment pronunciation.

Since writing the above, my attention has been called to the alleged miraculous preservation of Xavier's body claimed in sundry letters contemporary with its disinterment at San Chan and reinterment at Goa.
But I think I have found the suggestion of this action of Heathcliff's-the disinterment.
Her grandfather was Gil Ayres Moniz, who was secretary to the famous Constable Pereira in the reign of John I, and is chiefly interesting to us because he founded the chapel of the "Piedad" in the Carmelite Monastery at Lisbon, in which the Moniz family had the right of interment for ever, and in which the body of Philippa, after her brief pilgrimage in this world was over, duly rested; and whence her son ordered its disinterment and re-burial in the church of Santa Clara in San Domingo.
The recently fractured surfaces show that the skull was broken at the time of its disinterment.
Antonyms: disinterment, exhumation. burlesque, n. travesty, farce. burn, v. scorch, scald, singe, char, sear, cauterize, brand, consume, incinerate; cremate, incremate. burn, n. ambustion. burnable, a. combustible, inflammable.

Examples of Disinterment

Example #1
Absence of miraculous accounts in his writings and those of his contemporaries Direct evidence that Xavier wrought no miracles Growth of legends of miracles as shown in the early biographies of him As shown in the canonization proceedings Naturalness of these legends III.
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Example #3
Not in any inspiring ancient Irish legend, as has been suggested, did Emily Bronte find her incident; she found it (but she made, and did not find, its beauty) in a mere costume romance of Bulwer Lytton, whom Charlotte Bronte, as we know, did not admire.
Example #4
It was not from among the fruits of any other author's labour that she gathered these eminent words.
Example #5
Philippa's mother, Isabel Moniz, was the second or third wife of Perestrello; and after her husband's death she had come to live in Lisbon.
Example #6
Perestrello was the daughter of Bartolomeo Perestrello, who had been appointed hereditary governor of the island of Porto Santo on its colonisation by Prince Henry in 1425 and who had died there in 1457.