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Definition of Disorganise

  • remove the organization from

How to use disorganise in a sentence. Disorganise pronunciation.

Doubtless they would get used to the new restraints; but Miss Derrick must not expect them to disorganise their mealtimes on her account.
He murders Sabbath-breaking children, or disorganises the careful business schemes of the ungodly.
And if we are to have national service let us begin with it where it is needed most and where it is least likely to disorganise our social and economic life; let us begin at the top.

Examples of Disorganise

Example #1
Promptly at half-past seven they sat down to dine, and had just risen from the table, when Louise appeared.
Example #2
They already felt that domestic life was not quite the same with a stranger to share it.
Example #3
He is represented as going Sabbath-breakering on Sunday morning as a Staffordshire worker goes ratting.
Example #4
Or contrawise he contrives spiteful turns for those who fail in their religious attentions.
Example #5
Let us begin with the educated and propertied classes and exact a couple of years' service in a destroyer or a waterplane, or an airship, or a, research laboratory, or a training camp, from the sons of everybody who, let us say, pays income tax without deductions.
Example #6
We need more laboratories, more scholarships out of the general mass of elementary scholars, a quasi-military discipline in our colleges and a great array of new colleges, a much readier access to instruction in aviation and military and naval practice.