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He ought not to have formed the engagement.-'His father's disposition:'-he is unjust, however, to his father.
He confesses that even up to manhood he could not cross a field containing cattle without keeping a wary eye upon them-his bull adventure rather increased than diminished that disposition-he hated a strange dog at his heels and would manoeuvre himself as soon as possible out of reach of the teeth or heels of a horse.
The conviction had therefore at length been arrived at that-the man being well-known as possessing a singularly arrogant, overbearing, and irascible disposition-he had perished in some obscure and, quite possibly, discreditable quarrel; and his post as Governor of La Jacoba Prison had been given to another man.

Examples of Disposition-he

Example #1
Very true; he did not come till Miss Fairfax was here.
Example #2
Mr. Knightley returned to his reading with greater alacrity.
Example #3
But the peculiar dread of his childhood was tigers.
Example #4
He had had an overwhelming dread of bears until he was twelve or thirteen, the child's irrational dread of impossible bears, bears lurking under the bed and in the evening shadows.
Example #5
These particulars had been gleaned by dint of very patient and careful enquiry on the part of Don Ramon, so judiciously conducted that not a particle of suspicion had anywhere been raised that any enquiry at all was being made: and with them Jack returned to the hacienda and restored tranquillity to the minds of its inhabitants, for it had now been made clear not only that they might dismiss all apprehension of embarrassing enquiry concerning the fate of Senor Alvaros, but also that nobody was likely to dispute Don Hermoso's right to retain his own property.
Example #6
But he remained in Havana a full fortnight, during which he and Don Ramon learned many things-among them, the facts that Senor Alvaros was solely responsible for the arrest and attempted transportation of the Montijos, and also for the seizure of the estate-neither of which acts had been reported to the Capitan- General, or been officially recorded: and that, doubtless because of these important reasons, when he had set out on his last journey to visit the estate which he had thus secretly seized, he had omitted to mention to anyone his intentions, his destination, or the probable duration of his absence, with the result that eventually, when the accumulated arrears of his work at length attracted attention and provoked enquiry, nobody could throw the least light upon his whereabouts.