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How to use disselboom in a sentence. Disselboom pronunciation.

On arrival at the Boer camp they were at first well received, but after a little while seized, searched, and tied up all night to a disselboom (pole of a waggon).
They were all sketches of the veld, high and low; of natives; of bits of Dutch architecture; of the stoep with its Boer farmer and his vrouw; of a kopje with a dozen horses or a herd of cattle grazing; of a spruit, or a Kaffir's kraal; of oxen leaning against the disselboom of a cape-wagon; of a herd of steinboks, or a little colony of meerkats in the karoo.
Through the dulled noises of London there came to their ears the click of the wheels of a cape-wagon, the crack of the Kaffir's whip, the creak of the disselboom.

Examples of Disselboom

Example #1
Next morning they were told to mount their horses, and started from the camp escorted by two men who were to take them over the Free State line.
Example #2
Their names were Dr. Barber, who was well known to the Boers, and his assistant, Mr. Walter Dyas, and they came, not from Natal, but the Orange Free State.
Example #3
Her hand went to her heart with a gesture of pain, and a little cry of misery escaped her lips.
Example #4
Suddenly, as her eyes rested on them, she turned pale and got to her feet.
Example #5
They followed the spoor of a company of elephants in the East country, they watched through the November mist the blesbok flying across the veld, a herd of quaggas taking cover with the rheebok, or a cloud of locusts sailing out of the sun to devastate the green lands.
Example #6
To these men this was in one sense an alien country.