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Definition of Disturb

  • To throw into disorder or confusion; to derange; to interrupt the settled state of; to excite from a state of rest.
  • To agitate the mind of; to deprive of tranquillity; to disquiet; to render uneasy; as, a person is disturbed by receiving an insult, or his mind is disturbed by envy.
  • damage as if by shaking or jarring
  • destroy the peace or tranquility of
  • tamper with
  • change the arrangement or position of
  • move deeply

How to use disturb in a sentence. Disturb pronunciation.

Nothing could disturb the sleep that fettered us, for it had been fairly earned, and if our consciences had any sins on them they had to adjourn court for that night, any way.
Nor let the thoughts of that at all disturb you; for, that's a Crime that I have known, for more than thirty-Years, the rest of all our Sex has scarce been free from.
He dared hardly stir, lest he should disturb the praying widow.
Thus the hours sped on, and down stairs her husband and the children began to feel frightened, not daring, however, to disturb her any more.
He prayed that God would allow the storm to pass by and not disturb them.
He was always a cool man; nothing could disturb his serenity.
But, with other grounds of anxiety, this had ceased to disturb Nancy's mind.
He shrank from her scrutiny, and an expression of annoyance began to disturb his features.
During dinner Camors, secretly excited by the immediate vicinity of Madame de Tecle, essayed to triumph over that hostility that the presence of a stranger invariably excites in the midst of intimacies which it disturbs.
He was less and less tempted to violate the rules of the game of life; but among all the useless cards, to hold which might disturb his system, the first he discarded was the thought of marriage.
Their lives do not know the thousand distractions which at once disturb and console men; and any idea that takes hold upon them easily becomes fixed.
If, for instance, Mr. Walter Poole is asked if he be altogether sure that it is wise to disturb people in their belief in the traditions and symbols that have held sway for centuries, he will answer quickly that if truth lies behind the symbols and traditions, it will be in the interest of the symbols and traditions to inquire out the truth, for blind belief-in other words, faith-is hardly a merit, or if it be a merit it is a merit that cannot be denied to the savages who adore idols.
And turning towards the sunlit doorway, he saw a poor man standing there, not daring to disturb the priest, thinking, no doubt, that he was engaged in prayer.
And taking courage, he said again, "If ye can, and have received power against me, delay not, but attack; but if ye cannot, why do ye disturb me in vain?
Consider the wars which disturb the world.
It seemed to Philip that the people who spent their time in helping the poorer classes erred because they sought to remedy things which would harass them if themselves had to endure them without thinking that they did not in the least disturb those who were used to them.
It would be madness to allow such an accident to disturb the whole pattern of his life.
The apparition of an unknown lady in full evening dress seemed to disturb him.
We might disturb your father," Mrs. Milvain objected, taking the precaution to speak in a whisper already.
Yet the thought did not disturb him so much as the strange, unpleasant, illicit atmosphere of the whole scene with the young people the night before.

Examples of Disturb

Example #1
The wind rose just as we were losing consciousness, and we were lulled to sleep by the beating of the surf upon the shore.
Example #2
In due time we spread our blankets in the warm sand between two large boulders and soon feel asleep, careless of the procession of ants that passed in through rents in our clothing and explored our persons.
Example #3
But that which more stirs up my Spleen against him, is for the Trick he designs to put upon you still; which is the only reason of my giving you this trouble_.
Example #4
Then this_ says the Bawd, _it is.
Example #5
But he came on an errand, and he must accomplish it.
Example #6
The door was slightly ajar; through which he could hear the voice of prayer, scarcely audible, but deeply earnest.