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How to use dived in a sentence. Dived pronunciation.

Or no, perhaps you _would_ get a better view if-" he jumped up hastily, "and yet I don't know-" he dived down, "though of course, if you-Oh lor!
Harriet dived off after her, fearing that her little companion might have been stunned by striking the water on her back.
I dived into those bushes and lay down.
He dived under the bed (the sheets were gray with want of washing), and fished out another bottle.
At length a Beaver came up cautiously and crawled out to a near bunch of willows; the Lynx sprang, but the Beaver was well under way and dived into the hole with the Lynx hanging to him.
And while we gazed at scribbled records, blots, and marks, the loud "slap plong" of a Beaver showed from time to time that the thrifty ones had dived at our approach.
He plunged at once but came up again yards farther down, took another look and dived, to be seen no more.
I shouted out, "Stop that," in tones that implied that I owned the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all that in them is, but could not have saved the downling had it not leaped into the water and dived out of sight.
I ducked and dived, but I was held in the surface like a pennant on an air-blast.
They met at dancing classes, where governesses and occasionally mothers sat around the walls, while the little girls, in handmade white frocks of exquisite simplicity, their shining hair drawn back and held by ribbon bows, made their prim little dip at the door before entering, and the boys, in white Eton collars and gleaming pumps, bowed from the waist and then dived for the masculine corner of the long room.
He talked to the men by the wayside or dived into the slums of Liskeard for disreputable characters.
At the same time a youth of about their own age dashed in behind the man with the pistol, and dived between his legs, tripping him up.
Dublin and the Raes, fearing Captain Huxley's possible report to the authorities at Skagway, had "jumped the ship" as the commander of the "Queen" expressed it at Ketchikan, the first port of call in Alaska, and Dick's fears were therefore groundless, but Jack, who had learned the lesson of taking a joke goodnaturedly grinned feebly, and readily dived into the hatchway and down the ladder.
We had finished luncheon and, as Craig nodded, Williams dived into a telephone booth outside the dining-room and in a few moments emerged, perspiring from the closeness.
Yet Leonardo found time to plan the equestrian statue of Francisco Sporza, the Duke's father, and finding the subject so interesting he took up the systematic study of the horse, and dived to the depths of horse anatomy in a way that no living man had done before.
Instantly Dibbs dived under the yacht.
Madame Bouisse, meanwhile, searched in all the corners of her ample pockets, turned out her table-drawer, dived into the recesses of her husband's empty garments, and peeped into every ornament upon the chimney-piece; but in vain.
He dived forward with a rush, nearly knocking Lord Emsworth off his feet, and thrust an arm up into the unknown.
He shivered with quiet laughter and dived into a great block of darkness where there seemed to be no houses, keeping close beside Nathaniel.
At last, when his breath was almost gone, he reached the edge of the Old Pasture and dived under a friendly old bramble-bush.

Examples of Dived

Example #1
Suddenly he was quiet again.
Example #2
The stillness, the absence of storm in the taxi was so unnatural that I began to miss it.
Example #3
But Tommy came up before Harriet rose from her dive.
Example #4
Tommy plunged sideways from the rail, making a complete turn in the air, landing in the lake with a mighty splash.
Example #5
Just then a man appeared.
Example #6
He looked to me like an Indian.