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How to use do-she in a sentence. Do-she pronunciation.

What should I do'-she broke in passionately, her sense of opposition of absurdity reviving her, 'when I get to your hateful Manchester?
He protested, that he did not before know of any such thing and requested to know, what she wished to do-She replied that she only required to be let on her feet, that she might proceed home.
When tired and disconsolate and utterly sick at heart there was always one thing she could do-she could go down to the library and look at the paper from home.

Examples of Do-she

Example #1
These are all imported from the United States.
Example #2
I could make them do so.
Example #3
He_ had as much authority as any other man there, and that the lady should do as she pleased.
Example #4
Captain _Byrne_!-He then returned to his party, and Mrs. Tyrrell having met some of the people in whose cabin she was a prisoner, they accompanied her to Clonard, where she was consoled for all her sufferings by finding her husband and children alive.
Example #5
It was not that she wanted the actual news of Denver.
Example #6
The reading-room had been a strange study to her during those weeks spent in fruitless search for the work she wanted to do, and it had likewise proved a strange comfort.