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How to use dollars-i in a sentence. Dollars-i pronunciation.

I gave her the twenty dollars-I did more, I gave her a part of the money which Perdue had given me.
I stayed, and-well, if I could estimate its value by dollars-I would say two hundred and fifty million dollars is what I made by staying down.
You have been receiving eight dollars-I shall give you ten," and he counted out the money and laid it before her as he spoke; "but I shall require a strict account of all that you spend.

Examples of Dollars-i

Example #1
I explained that her husband had worked overtime and that the State, following an old custom, had sent her the wages of his extra labor.
Example #2
The woman was shabby and two ragged children were lying on the floor.
Example #3
He went, and paid a quarter for the privilege.
Example #4
I went to the capitol at Nashville, last winter, and McAndrews wanted me to go up in the cupola with him.
Example #5
I want you to learn to keep accounts, for if you live, you will some day have a great deal of money to take care of; and here is a blank book that I have prepared, so that you can do so very easily.
Example #6
Your grandfather has paid it to you heretofore, but of course, now that I am at home, I attend to everything that concerns you.