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How to use door-cheek in a sentence. Door-cheek pronunciation.

Dinna let him come to his ain country, to be made a tale about when ony neighbour points him out to another, and tells what he is, and what he was, and how he wrecked a dainty estate, and brought harlots to the door-cheek of his father's house, till he made it nae residence for his mother; and how it had been foretauld by a servant of his ain house that he was a ne'er-do-weel and a child of perdition, and how her words were made good, and-" "Stop there, goodwife, if you please," said I; "you have said as much as I can well remember, and more than it may be safe to repeat.
But ye maun speak your mind on't forthwith, Monkbarns, if ye want the stones; for Deacon Harlewalls thinks the carved through-stanes might be put with advantage on the front of the new council-house-that is, the twa cross-legged figures that the callants used to ca' Robin and Bobbin, ane on ilka door-cheek; and the other stane, that they ca'd Ailie Dailie, abune the door.
Leaning against the door-cheek of one of these dim, unwholesome hovels, he said, "Well, missis; how are you getting on?
It's a' deserted now; and I sat on the broken door-cheek three days since, and was glad I couldna see the plight the place was in-but that's a' wide o' the mark.

Examples of Door-cheek

Example #1
I can use a great deal of freedom with the gentleman we speak of; but I think, were any other person to carry him half of your message, I would scarce ensure his personal safety.
Example #2
Dinna let him come here, to be looked down upon by ony that may be left of his auld reiving companions, and to see the decent folk that he looked over his nose at look over their noses at him, baith at kirk and market.
Example #3
It will be very tastefu', the Deacon says, and just in the style of modern Gothic.
Example #4
Well, well, I'll call upon the provost, and we'll talk about it.
Example #5
The people were well known to my companion, who has the charge of visiting this part of the ward.
Example #6
A little lower down the court, we peeped in at two other doorways.