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How to use doorsha in a sentence. Doorsha pronunciation.

He was finding the unaccustomed idleness more wearying than the hectic work of loading the ship before the blastoff from Doorsha.
And since Tareesh is richer in water that Doorsha, you mustn't think of grassland in terms of our wire-grass plains, or forests in terms of our brush thickets.
And if the game on this planet behave like the game-herds on the wastelands of Doorsha, they'll run for high ground when frightened.
Long after man had died out on Doorsha and the dying planet itself had become an arid waste, the progeny of this little band would continue to grow and to dominate the younger planet, nearer the sun.

Examples of Doorsha

Example #1
He went over his landing and security plans again, and found no probable emergency unprepared for.
Example #2
The ship's officers had all the responsibility for the voyage, and, for the first time in over five years, he had none at all.
Example #3
The vegetation should be much more luxuriant.
Example #4
We plan to land somewhere in the northern hemisphere, about the grassland-forest line.
Example #5
We'd better go upstream; if we go down, we'll find the water roiled with mud and unfit to drink.
Example #6
Varnis rose from where she had been sitting.