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Definition of Dovetail

  • A flaring tenon, or tongue (shaped like a bird's tail spread), and a mortise, or socket, into which it fits tightly, making an interlocking joint between two pieces which resists pulling a part in all directions except one.
  • To cut to a dovetail.
  • To join by means of dovetails.
  • To fit in or connect strongly, skillfully, or nicely; to fit ingeniously or complexly.
  • a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises
  • fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail

How to use dovetail in a sentence. Dovetail pronunciation.

The answers to your square questions necessarily dovetail.
Thus each new layer receives the impression of the crystals of the preceding layer, and imprints its crystals on the one which follows, until at length the whole of the vein is filled: the two layers which meet dovetail the points of their crystals the one into the other.
The yellow, mildewed pages of the diary of a man long dead, and the records of the Colonial Office dovetail perfectly with the narrative of my convivial host, and so I give you the story as I painstakingly pieced it out from these several various agencies.
The story here is better than I thought and dovetails right into why I'm coming back early.
With Caterina for a wife, too,' Sir Christopher soon began to think; for though the good Baronet was not at all quick to suspect what was unpleasant and opposed to his views of fitness, he was quick to see what would dovetail with his own plans; and he had first guessed, and then ascertained, by direct inquiry, the state of Maynard's feelings.
Things, under the clever questioning of the young scoutmaster, seemed to be fitting in with each other, just as a carpenter dovetails the ends of a box together.

Examples of Dovetail

Example #1
The hot-air registers should always be in the partitions if possible.
Example #2
When you can warm within a ventilating flue all the air passing through it more economically than you can warm the same quantity in the room from which it is taken, then you may admit the air to feed this same flue near the bottom and perhaps save fuel; but I doubt whether the remaining air will be any purer than if an equal amount had been allowed to escape near the ceiling.
Example #3
Oxford clay, with belemnites and Ammonite.
Example #4
If a vein-stone consist of crystalline matter, the points of the crystals are always turned inward, or towards the centre of the vein; in other words, they point in the direction where there was space for the development of the crystals.
Example #5
If you do not find it credible you will at least be as one with me in acknowledging that it is unique, remarkable, and interesting.
Example #6
I do not say the story is true, for I did not witness the happenings which it portrays, but the fact that in the telling of it to you I have taken fictitious names for the principal characters quite sufficiently evidences the sincerity of my own belief that it MAY be true.