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Ham and eggs, and after these a pipe-an old, rank, delicious pipe-ham and eggs and scenery, a "down-grade," a flying coach, a fragrant pipe, and a contented heart-these make happiness.
Coming to a little down-grade, Tom shut off some of the power, the new levers he had arranged to control the gasolene and spark working well.
They did not fly straight, but in a jerky way, constantly dropping down and then lifting up again, and calling out "wait for me" on every down-grade curve, until by common consent they alighted among some wild grasses, where the early yellow thistles were already going to seed.
And after we get over the peak of this rocky ridge we ought to be on the down-grade most of the way.
Now, Joslyn was convinced, like every other engineman I ever talked to, that on a steep down-grade he could drive a train at the rate of a hundred miles an hour.
Then we should have seven miles down-grade to get up our speed, and then-we should see!
When a height of land cuts the landscape, I wonder whether one could find an easy down-grade for the track across the summit.

Examples of Down-grade

Example #1
It is what all the ages have struggled for.
Example #2
Nothing helps scenery like ham and eggs.
Example #3
He put his hand to his inner pocket to feel that they were secure.
Example #4
He was approaching a division in the highway.
Example #5
As he spoke a flock of twenty or more birds flew over; some were the bright-yellow males and others the more plainly colored females.
Example #6
See-they have settled on the long grass by the fence and are gobbling seeds like everything," continued Rap in a whisper.