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How to use draft-board in a sentence. Draft-board pronunciation.

So here was Jimmie, confronting a village draft-board.
Jimmie foresaw another session with a draft-board, so he leaped on to another freight train, taking with him as a legacy "Wild Bill's" diary of the unemployed army.
There was really only one drawback-the pestiferous draft-boards that never stopped snooping round.
A number had been drafted-which Meissner considered deliberate conspiracy on the part of the draft-boards.

Examples of Draft-board

Example #1
They surrounded the camp, and shot one man who tried to slip out in the darkness, and searched the rest for weapons, and then loaded them into half a dozen automobiles and took them to the nearest lock-up.
Example #2
They had wanted to break up this "jungle" for some time; now they could do it in the name of patriotism.
Example #3
The man who drove the wagon looked at Jimmie suspiciously and asked his age; they were scarce of labour in that country, he said-the rule was "Work or fight".
Example #4
One "Potter's field" was the same as another, and there would be nothing inspiring about the funeral.
Example #5
They were for ever hauling you up and threatening and questioning you-putting you through the same scene over and over.
Example #6
It was the nearest approach to a working-man's paradise that Jimmie had ever encountered.