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Definition of Drinker

  • One who drinks; as, the effects of tea on the drinker; also, one who drinks spirituous liquors to excess; a drunkard.
  • a person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess)
  • a person who drinks liquids

How to use drinker in a sentence. Drinker pronunciation.

The people President Angell had in mind when he implored the young Yale graduates not to be like them, are not makers or sellers of liquor, but drinkers of it.
The gift of a famous brule guenle had propitiated the simple Jersey gardener, whose stout boy rejoiced in a new leather jacket, almost a gift, and the second man, Andrew Fraser's reinforcement, a famous drinker, was soon a nightly companion of "Alois Vautier" at the one little "public," down under the scarped hill at Rizel Bay.
He is a terribly fat fellow and evidently a hard drinker.
A world of Ka-Fe drinkers!
Behold a glutton and a wine drinker!
A great water drinker, she evidently thinks the stone is some strange kind of dewdrop, hence her persistent efforts to bite it.
His entrance had been unnoticed, and he bent his gaze upon the drinkers at the bar.
There are few more wonderful chapters in Rabelais than the one about the drinkers.
To this effect they invited all the burghers of Sainais, of Suille, of the Roche-Clermaud, of Vaugaudry, without omitting the Coudray, Monpensier, the Gue de Vede, and other their neighbours, all stiff drinkers, brave fellows, and good players at the kyles.
The Discourse of the Drinkers.
O you butlers, creators of new forms, make me of no drinker a drinker, a perennity and everlastingness of sprinkling and bedewing me through these my parched and sinewy bowels.
It is the compulsory of drinkers: it is a pulley.
O the drinkers, those that are a-dry, O poor thirsty souls!
I know well enough that, in reading this, you laugh at the old drinker, and hold this exposition of colours to be very extravagant, and utterly disagreeable to reason, because white is said to signify faith, and blue constancy.
And supped very well, upon my conscience, and commonly did invite some of his neighbours that were good drinkers, with whom carousing and drinking merrily, they told stories of all sorts from the old to the new.
By G-, Grangousier conskites himself for fear, the poor drinker.
For I see that all good historiographers have thus handled their chronicles, not only the Arabians, Barbarians, and Latins, but also the gentle Greeks, who were eternal drinkers.
He was at that time five and thirty years old or thereabouts, fine to gild like a leaden dagger-for he was a notable cheater and coney-catcher-he was a very gallant and proper man of his person, only that he was a little lecherous, and naturally subject to a kind of disease which at that time they called lack of money-it is an incomparable grief, yet, notwithstanding, he had three score and three tricks to come by it at his need, of which the most honourable and most ordinary was in manner of thieving, secret purloining and filching, for he was a wicked lewd rogue, a cozener, drinker, roister, rover, and a very dissolute and debauched fellow, if there were any in Paris; otherwise, and in all matters else, the best and most virtuous man in the world; and he was still contriving some plot, and devising mischief against the sergeants and the watch.
Good people, most illustrious drinkers, and you, thrice precious gouty gentlemen, did you ever see Diogenes, and cynic philosopher?
Remark therefore here, honest drinkers, that the manner of preserving and retaining countries newly conquered in obedience is not, as hath been the erroneous opinion of some tyrannical spirits to their own detriment and dishonour, to pillage, plunder, force, spoil, trouble, oppress, vex, disquiet, ruin and destroy the people, ruling, governing and keeping them in awe with rods of iron; and, in a word, eating and devouring them, after the fashion that Homer calls an unjust and wicked king, Demoboron, that is to say, a devourer of his people.

Examples of Drinker

Example #1
They are not moonshiners or smugglers or bootleggers; they are the people upon whose patronage or connivance the moonshiners and smugglers and bootleggers depend for their business.
Example #2
For while the law does not in its express terms make drinking a crime, its intention-and its practical effect so far as regards the great mass of the people-is precisely that.
Example #3
Andrew Fraser, closeted with the London lawyer, had almost forgotten the existence of Nadine Johnstone.
Example #4
While one or the other of these women always accompanied Miss Nadine Johnstone in her daily wanderings through the splendid gardens of the Folly, the merry voice of Jules Victor was often heard by them singing on his way down the road.
Example #5
He couldn't help us enough.
Example #6
No use of making a row about it," said Tom.