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How to use drop-curtain in a sentence. Drop-curtain pronunciation.

In these theatres there was a drop-curtain, but little or no scenery.
The girl had her eyes always on the orchestra, and was waiting for the opening of the world that lay behind the drop-curtain.
I shall have that scene of yesterday everlastingly before my eyes, like a drop-curtain.

Examples of Drop-curtain

Example #1
The thinner this sort of thing is spread out, the more surface it covers, of course.
Example #2
How long did "The Country Parson" feed an eager world with rhetorical statements of that which it already knew?
Example #3
Philip noticed that all the evening Mrs. Mavick paid very little attention to the stage, except when the rest of the house was so dark that she could distinguish little in it.
Example #4
At least the imagination of spectators invested him with a golden hue, and regarded him through the roseate atmosphere that surrounds a many-millioned man.
Example #5
Only, you know, Simeon, they don't feel the end, as we in health imagine.
Example #6
She may be going-or she's gone already, poor woman!