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How to use drop-light in a sentence. Drop-light pronunciation.

The gas-man had his work to do over because some of the drop-lights were not in the centre of the ceilings.
He had a shaded drop-light in front of him, and in its glow his beautiful and benignly noble head had a dignity peculiar to him.
She did not look up, but let him make several failures to light his cigar, and damn the matches under his breath, before she pushed the drop-light to him in silent suggestion.
It was dark outside by this time, and he turned on the drop-light over his desk.

Examples of Drop-light

Example #1
I tremble to think of what might have been if I had left the painter to his own devices.
Example #2
You like, also, to have something more than a good man's assurance, that the furnace pipes are "all right," and will sleep better on windy nights if you have seen all exposed corners guarded by a double lining.
Example #3
If very little came to me in those days from books, on the other hand my acquaintance with the drama vastly enlarged itself.
Example #4
All the portraits of Longfellow are likenesses more or less bad and good, for there was something as simple in the physiognomy as in the nature of the man.
Example #5
He was in his house shoes when he shuffled into the room, but her ear had detected his presence before a hiccough announced it.
Example #6
She was waiting for her brother to come down, as he was apt to do if he was in the house, after their aunt went to bed, to smoke a cigar in the library.