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My Dear Friend,-As I find I never write a letter except at the dunning of the Penny Post,-which is the pest of the century,-I have thought lately of crossing to England to excuse to you my negligence of your injunction, which so flattered me by its affectionateness a year ago.
If he was what I thought him, he could not have acted with so little conscience as to try to force this match upon me, when he must have known that I did not love Henry Dunning.
I (1900); W. A. Dunning, _A History of Political Theories from Luther to Montesquieu_ (1905); Paul Janet, _Histoire de la science politique dans ses rapports avec la morale_, 3d ed.
Among the more famous are the Duke of Portland, Lord George Sackville, Sir Philip Francis, Edmund Burke, John Dunning, Lord Ashburton, John Home Tooke, Hugh Boyd, George Chalmers, etc.
From the adverse side of the house an ardent and powerful opposition was supported, by the lively declamation of Barre, the legal acuteness of Dunning, the profuse and philosophic fancy of Burke, and the argumentative vehemence of Fox, who in the conduct of a party approved himself equal to the conduct of an empire.
The House of Commons adopted Mr. Dunning's motion, "That the influence of the Crown had increased, was increasing, and ought to be diminished:" and Mr. Burke's bill of reform was framed with skill, introduced with eloquence, and supported by numbers.
Benjamin F. Dunning, second lieutenant, Norfolk, Va. Charles J. Echols, Jr., captain, U.S. Army.
The last fortnight I have daily thought of you incessantly, and wished to write you a dunning letter, at the same time thanking you for the third volume of the Veda, which already contains some hymns of the seventh book, as the admiring Haug read it out to me.
Now he's dunning me for two years' rent, and even when I told him all that hangs on my keeping the cottage, he won't change or hold to the solemn promise his father made my husband.
The father has received the new title of "governor," indicating not less, but more authority, and has called in new instructors to carry on the boy's education: real Adirondack guides-old Sam Dunning and one-eyed Enos, the last and laziest of the Saranac Indians.
Sam Dunning told about catching one in a trap just below here.
That day a man named Dunning discovered us and we took him prisoner.
Howard and Woods, who had favored killing Dunning, and who felt we were losing valuable time because of Bob’s wound, left us that night and went west.
Howard and Woods, who had favored killing Dunning, and who felt we were losing valuable time because of Bob's wound, left us that night and went west.
The under-keeper, Dunning, won't marry Rose Taylor, after all. CHRISTINE.
Young Dunning won't marry that girl, Ronny. KEITH.
Mother, is it true about young Dunning and Rose Taylor?
Young Dunning's refusal is simply indefensible.
From precisely this sort of thing of young Dunning's. KEITH.
Sir William and you would just tie Dunning and the girl up together, willy-nilly, to save appearances, and ten to one but there'll be the deuce to pay in a year's time.

Examples of Dunning

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I was to write once a month.
Example #2
My own disobedience is wonderful, and explains to me all the sins of omission of the whole world.
Example #3
I regarded Stuart Harley almost as an ideal man, but this has changed it all.
Example #4
I was interested in him, and believed in him.
Example #5
On the important thinkers from the time of Machiavelli to the middle of the eighteenth century, see Harald Hoffding, _A History of Modern Philosophy_, Vol.
Example #6
The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon_, ed.