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Definition of Dwindle

  • To diminish; to become less; to shrink; to waste or consume away; to become degenerate; to fall away.
  • To make less; to bring low.
  • To break; to disperse.
  • The process of dwindling; dwindlement; decline; degeneracy.
  • become smaller or lose substance

How to use dwindle in a sentence. Dwindle pronunciation.

A _Full_ House is the very _Life_ of the Stage, and keeps it in Countenance, whereas _thin Audiences_ would, in time, make it dwindle to nothing.
For Cant does lie piled on us, high as the zenith; an Augean Stable with the poisonous confusion piled so high: which, simply if there once could be nothing said, would mostly dwindle like summer snow gradually about its business, and leave us free to use our eyes again!
That was the death-blow of the Orange party, your hanner; they never recovered it, but began to despond and dwindle, and I with them, for there was scarcely any demand for Orange tunes.
At last the incoming stream began to dwindle down.
Then the hissing noise began to dwindle down to a wheeze, and then it stopped all of a sudden.
Is there not something grand in the thought that we love enough still to love on when the love of others dwindles and dies?
In the view of such a task, a prophet of ordinary dimensions, as well as the collective body of such, would dwindle down to the appearance of a dwarf.
Your bonds are by a fortnight overdue And day by day your fortune dwindles down.
THE movement to formulate the fundamental teachings of Judaism first gained headway at the beginning of the eleventh century with the Karaites, whose entire conception of Judaism was such as to render their sect hopelessly stagnant and doomed to dwindle.
Interest in the Society itself began to dwindle until finally it became clear that some radical step would have to be taken if the Society was to remain intact and worthy of the name.
But if the representative of the executive descends into the combat, the cares of government dwindle into second-rate importance, and the success of his election is his first concern.
Twas he that brought upon his knees The hect'ring, kill-cow HERCULES; Transform'd his leager-lion's skin T' a petticoat, and made him spin; Seiz'd on his club, and made it dwindle 355 T' a feeble distaff, and a spindle.
During the time that all these stirring events were taking place and just before Magruder, with McLaw's and Walker's divisions, was either quietly lying in front of Richmond watching the army of McClellan dwindle away, leaving by transports down the James and up the Potomac, or was marching at a killing gait to overtake their comrades under Lee to share with them their trials, their battles and their victories in Maryland.
Hopes dwindle; yea, Faiths waste away, Affections and enthusiasms numb; Thou canst not mend these things if thou dost come.
The three, this man and his two of the tribe, upon whom Clotilde's attention centred, with a comparison in her mind too sacred to be other than profane (comparisons will thrust themselves on minds disordered), dropped to the cushions of the double-seated sofa, by one side of which she cowered over her wool-work, willing to dwindle to a pin's head if her insignificance might enable her to hear the words of the speaker.
The wretched starveling dwindles, shrivels up and soon disappears from view.
But in autumn, as Westray saw it for the first time, the rank grass is of a deeper green, and the face of the salt-meadows is seamed with irregular clay-brown channels, which at high-tide show out like crows'-feet on an ancient countenance, but at the ebb dwindle to little gullies with greasy-looking banks and a dribble of iridescent water in the bottom.
It was the thin and vanishing shadow of a cathedral service, and Canon Parkyn hoped that it might gradually dwindle away until it was dispersed to nought.
And day by day your fortune dwindles down.
The hect'ring, kill-cow HERCULES; Transform'd his leager-lion's skin T' a petticoat, and made him spin; Seiz'd on his club, and made it dwindle 355 T' a feeble distaff, and a spindle.

Examples of Dwindle

Example #1
And tho' he should be so Happy as never to smile at a _Prophane Jest_, nor join in Applauding a _Vitious_ Play; yet, will that exempt him from a Share of that _Guilt_ which his Presence and Purse has help'd to support?
Example #2
If a Man talks to them of leaving the Plays, they wonder what he means, and are ready to take him for a Madman.
Example #3
When I see painful Professors of Greek, poring in their sumptuous Oxfords over dead _Greek_ for a thousand years or more, and leaving live _English_ all the while to develop itself under charge of Pickwicks and Sam Wellers, as if it were nothing and the other were all things: this, and the like of it everywhere, fills me with reflections!
Example #4
Certainly could one generation of men be forced to live without rhetoric, babblement, hearsay, in short with the tongue well cut out of them altogether,-their fortunate successors would find a most improved world to start upon!
Example #5
Then Dan O'Connell arose with his emancipation and repale cries, and then instead of Orange processions and walkings, there were Papist processions and mobs, which made me afraid to stir out, lest knowing me for an Orange fiddler, they should break my head, as the boys broke my leg at Donnybrook fair.
Example #6
But nothing lasts under the sun, as your hanner knows; Orangeism began to go down; the Government scowled at it, and at last passed a law preventing the Protestant boys dressing up the figure on the first of July, and walking round it.