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How to use dyrrhachium in a sentence. Dyrrhachium pronunciation.

Octavian was detained by illness at Dyrrhachium, but he ordered himself to be carried on a litter to join his legions.
Pompey, who was the master of Brundusium, and had a sufficient number of transports, desired the consuls to embark without loss of time, and sent them before him with thirty cohorts to Dyrrhachium.
Thus having his whole complement, he set sail, and crossed the sea to Dyrrhachium.
For, by the flattering accounts which many officious persons had given her, she understood that the dispute was decided at Dyrrhachium, and that nothing but the pursuit of Caesar remained to be attended to.
The voyage from Dyrrhachium and the first glimpse of Italy.

Examples of Dyrrhachium

Example #1
The army of the triumvirs was now superior to the enemy; but their cavalry, counting only thirteen thousand, was considerably weaker than the force opposed to it.
Example #2
The forces opposed to them would have been at once overpowered had not Antony himself opportunely arrived with the second corps of the triumviral army.
Example #3
But at the same time he sent his father-in-law Scipio and his son Cnaeus into Syria, to provide ships of war.
Example #4
When he was in possession of the city, he behaved with great moderation in many respects, and composed in a good measure the minds of its remaining inhabitants.
Example #5
When Caesar came and saw the walls left destitute of defence, he concluded that Pompey had taken to flight, and in his eagerness to pursue, would certainly have fallen upon the sharp stakes in the trenches, had not the Brundusians informed him of them.
Example #6
In three days all his other troops were embarked without interruption; and then he suddenly gave the signal to those who guarded the walls; in consequence of which, they ran swiftly down to the harbor, and got on board.