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This e-text was scanned, proofed and edited with a glossary and translations from the Latin by Donal O' Danachair.
This e-text is hereby placed in the public domain.
View this e-text in a monospaced font such as Courier and they will all line up in the right margin.
The spelling inconsistencies of the original have been preserved in this e-text.
They are shown in this e-text by single letters in [brackets].
Their e-text numbers are given at the end of each entry.
E-text editor's translation: "Regarding Nature-i.e.
E-text editor's translation: "opinion differs from scientific knowledge...
E-text editor's translation: "as is necessary.
E-text editor's translation: "Know thyself . . .
E-text editor's translation: "the Dorian way of life.
E-text editor's translation: "functioning," from oikeios (proper to a thing, fitting) and pragos or, in everyday non-poetic speech, pragma(deed).
E-text editor's translation: "royal tribe." 275.
This e-text was produced from Analog Science Fact & Fiction, May, 1961.
I have not preserved original hyphenation since an e-text does not require line-end or page-end hyphenation.
E-text editor's translation: "beautiful in appearance, and blended with the fresh spring of youth..." 194.
It is shown in this e-text as [que] in brackets.
Although not technically part of the book, they may be of interest for some readers, so they have been included in the e-text.
For this e-text, short dashes are shown as separated hyphens, while longer dashes are shown as connected hyphens: D - - - n _Molley H-ns_ for her Pride.
In other words, most people who download the book do so for the predictable reason, and in a predictable format - say, to sample a chapter in the HTML format before deciding whether to buy the book - but the thing that differentiates a boring e-text experience from an exciting one is the minority use - printing out a couple chapters of the book to bring to the beach rather than risk getting the hardcopy wet and salty. Tool-makers and software designers are increasingly aware of the notion of "affordances" in design.

Examples of E-text

Example #1
The text is that of an edition published in London, 1805.
Example #2
This e-text is hereby placed in the public domain.
Example #3
Spelling and punctuation: These are the same as in the book as far as possible.
Example #4
Latin: All translations are by the transcriber.
Example #5
In the notes, they immediately follow the Latin text in [square brackets].