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How to use ealthy in a sentence. Ealthy pronunciation.

An 'appy day with Fuzzy on the rush Will last an 'ealthy Tommy for a year.
The jackal an' the kite 'Ave an 'ealthy appetite, An' you'll never see your soldiers any more!
The young recruit is 'appy - 'e throws a chest to suit; You see 'im grow mustaches; you 'ear 'im slap 'is boot; 'E learns to drop the "bloodies" from every word 'e slings, An' 'e shows an 'ealthy brisket when 'e strips for bars an' rings.
The 'ealthy, 'ardy, 'appy son o' toil!

Examples of Ealthy

Example #1
For if you 'ave lost more than us, you crumpled up the square!
Example #2
Then 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, an' the missis and the kid; Our orders was to break you, an' of course we went an' did.
Example #3
An' we'll never live to 'ear the cannon roar!
Example #4
They are waitin' ever so, An' you'll never see your soldiers any more!
Example #5
Gettin' clear o' dirtiness, gettin' done with mess, Gettin' shut o' doin' things rather-more-or-less; Not so fond of abby-nay, kul, nor hazar-ho, Learns to keep 'is rifle an' 'isself jus' so!
Example #6
The young recruit is silly - 'e thinks o' suicide; 'E's lost 'is gutter-devil; 'e 'asn't got 'is pride; But day by day they kicks 'im, which 'elps 'im on a bit, Till 'e finds 'isself one mornin' with a full an' proper kit.