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How to use earth-just in a sentence. Earth-just pronunciation.

You wouldn't think a handful of earth-just plain dirt-was pretty, would you?
And on the top of the bamboos they had spread a layer of earth-just like what you have seen in flower beds in a garden; and on that they had planted grass, to make it look quite natural-only, they forgot that it might look natural for a garden, but not for a wild jungle.
A school of critics has cleaned poor old blind Maeonides up very tidily, and left not a vestige of him on God's earth-just as they have, or their like have, cleaned up the Human Soul.
That was the reason for stopping-purely selfish, personal, individual, and not concerned with the welfare of any other person on earth-just myself.

Examples of Earth-just

Example #1
Look at it through a microscope and see what happens.
Example #2
Dicky's eyes opened wide and he gazed out of the window intent on peering into this mysterious invisible playground.
Example #3
Or perhaps they thought that an elephant would not know any better!
Example #4
Then they had covered the top of the pit by laying many long bamboos right across from side to side and very close to each other; so it was just like the roof of a large room.
Example #5
We have seen that their empire was quite unlike the Parthian; it was a reversion to, and copy in small of, the Achaemenian of Cyrus and Darius.
Example #6
I shall hardly have to turn to the Sassanians again; so will say here what is to be said.