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How to use echoed in a sentence. Echoed pronunciation.

The cries of a cloud of wild ducks, moving up from one side, were echoed from God knows what distant lake.
Yeroshka is a living force, a real character, and might have been created by Gogol. Olenin, who is young Tolstoi, and not very much of a man, soliloquises in language that was echoed word for word by the Tolstoi of the twentieth century.
The helpless, impotent rage felt by the wretched men as they witness the debauching of a girl's body and the damnation of her soul, is clearly echoed in the reader's mind.
It is absurd to join in the chorus that calls Turgenev old-fashioned, when we find his words accurately, if faintly, echoed by a Russian who died in 1904!
Tarrant's humour never quite deserted him, least of all when he echoed the talk of his world; but his listener kept a grave face.
Shrill whistles, the hiss and roar of steam, the bang, clap, bang of carriage-doors, the clatter of feet on wood and stone -all echoed and reverberated from a huge cloudy vault above them.
He advanced a few steps, like an actor about to address his audience; cast fierce glances on all sides of him, and cleared his throat with a sound that echoed like the bass notes of a grand piano.
The cry echoed through the stillness of the night.
The old house, with its great stone staircase, echoed hollowly to the sound of typewriters and of errand-boys from ten to six.
Singularly enough, the sharp call of the telephone-bell still echoed in her ear, and her body and mind were in a state of tension, as if, at any moment, she might hear another summons of greater interest to her than the whole of the nineteenth century.
This simple declaration was worth more than all the wordy messages and proclamations he ever issued; it not only served notice upon the seceders of his time that they had a great principle to deal with, but it echoed after him, and was the call to which the nation victoriously rallied in its supreme struggle with treason, thirty years later.
Now and then there was a glimpse of a peak here or of another turning or rift there; but for the most part they were completely shut in down between walls of rock, which echoed their voices, bursting forth into quite an answering chorus when Melchior gave forth a loud, melodious jodel.
He was so quick that he saw the white block falling, and as it went lower it turned first of a delicate pale blue, then deeper in colour, and deeper still, and then grew suddenly dark purple and disappeared, while, as Saxe strained eyes and ears, there came directly after a heavy crash, which echoed with a curious metallic rumble far below.
No!" echoed Dale, and they saw the man's face flush a little through his swarthy skin, and his eyes brighten.
In Delhi there only lingered, sad and lonely, Major Harry Hardwicke, whose sighs were echoed back from afar by a starry-eyed girl watching the sandy shores of the Suez Canal.
He seemed to catch the enthusiasm of Constance; he echoed back-he led into new and more dazzling directions-the delighted remarks of his beautiful companion.
The sound was so drawn-out, so far-reaching, that as it echoed about her Ruth positively shook with fright and excitement.
Mrs. Presbury echoed it with a gale of rather wild hysterics.
I have known the day when his voice would ring Till the rafters echoed.
Not until our own nineteenth century was the picture of Isaiah seen in full realization-then lay the lion basking at noonday-then crawled the serpents from their holes; and at night the whole region echoed with the wild cries peculiar to arid wildernesses.

Examples of Echoed

Example #1
From the grass arose, with measured sweep, a gull, and bathed luxuriously in blue waves of air.
Example #2
In the sky, immovable, hung the hawks, their wings outspread, and their eyes fixed intently on the grass.
Example #3
The triple contrast in the book is powerfully shown: first, the contrast between the majesty of the mountains and the pettiness of man; second, the contrast between the noble simplicity of the Cossack women and the artificiality of the padded shapes of society females; third, the contrast between the two ways of life, that which Olenin recognises as right, the Christian law of self-denial, but which he does not follow, and the almost sublime pagan bodily joy of old Uncle Yeroshka, who lives in exact harmony with his creed.
Example #4
He departed for the Caucasus in much the same manner as the young writer, and his observations and reflections there are Tolstoi's own.
Example #5
Gorki's notes are always the most thrilling when played below the range of the conventional instrument of style.
Example #6
In "Twenty-six Men and a Girl," the hideous tale that gave him his reputation in America, one is conscious of the streak of genius that he undoubtedly possesses.