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Definition of Ecru

  • a very light brown

How to use ecru in a sentence. Ecru pronunciation.

Then she was lying in bed in a small room, obscure because it was heavily curtained; the light came through the inner pair of curtains of ecru lace, with a beautiful soft silvery quality.
But that thing she had on now, for instance;-a tunic of ecru colored silk that she had pulled on over her head, with a little over-dress of corn colored tulle, weighted artfully here and there that it mightn't fly away.
Madame had, cried madame's maid, running to fetch one with little pink flowers and green leaves on an ecru ground.

Examples of Ecru

Example #1
A man was standing by the side of the bed-not Chirac.
Example #2
Then she was aware of a heavy weight against her shoulder; she had slipped down upon Chirac, unconscious.
Example #3
And a string of big lumpish amber beads.
Example #4
Dear Paula was almost surprisingly nice in those ways.
Example #5
Could any coiffure or any gown be more appropriate for an entertainment at which Clio was to preside?
Example #6
If madame, suggested Monsieur Cadron, had but a little dress a la Marie Antoinette?