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How to use edinburgh in a sentence. Edinburgh pronunciation.

I will willingly take charge of it for the “Edinburgh Review.
You can then choose between the “Quarterly” and “Edinburgh Review.
I mean your article for the “Edinburgh Review.

Examples of Edinburgh

Example #1
I cannot understand how F—— could think of such a thing.
Example #2
And now “Modern German Poetry and F——,” and Liberal politics!
Example #3
He will have laid before you the sketch of a genuine English prologue and epilogue promised by him, and for which I gave him a few ideas.
Example #4
Stanley will have told you of our negotiations as to your beautiful article.
Example #5
First, Empson has sent me the proof-sheets of your article.
Example #6
Early this morning I read it through at last, and joyfully and heartily utter my _Macte virtute_.