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How to use egypt in a sentence. Egypt pronunciation.

Egyptian studies continued to interest him while superintending the English translation of his “Egypt.
Such attacks always fill me with courageous indignation and indignant courage, and God has graciously filled my heart with this courage ever since I, on the day of the news of our complete defeat (November 10), determined to finish “Egypt.
I have given him a copy of my “Egypt.
This is about what I shall say, as my last word, in the Preface to the sixth volume of “Egypt.
But now, how does it fare with “Egypt?
The month is nearly over, my dear friend, before the close of which I must, according to agreement, deliver up my revised copy of the amendments and additions to the English edition of my “Egypt.

Examples of Egypt

Example #1
At Heidelberg his principal work was the new translation of the Bible, and his “Life of Christ,” an enormous undertaking, enough to fill a man’s life, yet with Bunsen by no means the only work to which he devoted his remaining powers.
Example #2
His new edition of “Hippolytus,” under the title of “Christianity and Mankind,” had been finished in seven volumes before he left England.
Example #3
As yet the King has held fast to me as king and friend.
Example #4
It has come to an avowed struggle.
Example #5
Thus we have certainly got one, perhaps two, for the Semitic work.
Example #6
He willingly undertook to do the work in the course of the summer.