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How to use eist in a sentence. Eist pronunciation.

At last, quhen he wes cumin throw the vail that lyis to the gret eist fra the said castell, quhare now lyis the Canongait, the staik past throw the wod with sic noyis and din of rachis and bugillis, that all the bestis were rasit fra thair dennis.
Es hi goet ende al de zine, So eist mi te mindre pine[55].

Examples of Eist

Example #1
Now wes the king cumin to the fute of the crag, and all his nobilis severit, heir and thair, fra him, at thair game and solace; quhen suddenlie apperit to his sicht the fairist hart that evir wes sene afore with levand creature.
Example #2
Nochtheles, his dissuasion is litill avalit; for the king wes finallie so provokit, be inoportune solicitatioun of his baronis, that he past, nochtwithstanding the solempnite of this day, to his hountis.
Example #3
Doch wie zich ook aan de critiek ergeren mocht, zij zweeg daarom niet.
Example #4
Het zaad, door MAERLANT uitgestrooid, dat wij reeds zagen opkomen in de leerdichten, droeg ook hier vrucht bij genoemden en ongenoemden.