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How to use ekaterina in a sentence. Ekaterina pronunciation.

Next to Ekaterina's devotion to the cause is her devotion to science," said Kazanovitch, opening a door to a little room.
Olga and Ekaterina faced each other fiercely.
When I was in Petersburg, the exhibitions took place in the ballroom and drawing-room of one grand ducal palace, while the home and weekly meetings were in the palace of the Grand Duchess Ekaterina Mikhailovna, now dead.

Examples of Ekaterina

Example #1
Then he added: "If she were not a woman, or if your universities were less prejudiced, she would be welcome anywhere as a professor.
Example #2
They met in Paris, and Nevsky persuaded Olga to go on the stage and come to New York.
Example #3
Olga was trembling with emotion.
Example #4
And forgive me for suspecting you," replied Kazanovitch, "but how did you come to shadow Kharkoff?
Example #5
An amiable poet, Yakoff Petrovitch, invited me to attend one of these meetings,-a number of men being honorary members, though the women manage everything themselves,-but illness prevented my accompanying him on the evening appointed for our visit.
Example #6
The product of their weekly work, added to gifts from each member, is exhibited, sold, and raffled for each spring, the proceeds being devoted to helping needy artists by purchasing for them canvas, paints, and so forth, to clothing and educating their children, or aiding them in a dozen different ways, such as paying house-rent, doctor's bills, pensions, and so forth, to the amount of a great many thousand dollars every year.