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How to use elegantly-formed in a sentence. Elegantly-formed pronunciation.

A graceful, elegantly-formed young man stood by her, carelessly leaning one elbow on a bale of cotton while a large pocket-book lay open before him.
He intimates his preference for an elegantly-formed, young and fairly good-looking acquaintance, and would like her, in addition, to be vivacious, witty and a little gay.
As he bared his head, they could even distinguish his face with its large elegantly-formed features and Ethelred's prominent chin.

Examples of Elegantly-formed

Example #1
It was quite evident, at a glance, that the gentleman was Eva's father.
Example #2
There stood the fair Evangeline, a little paler than the day before, but otherwise exhibiting no traces of the accident which had befallen her.
Example #3
The lady of the house listens complacently, and replies that she is acquainted with a lady who will suit him to a nicety, and offers to send a message for her at once, if he wishes; but he must take his chance of her being at home.
Example #4
He explains that he wishes to meet with a quiet lady, whose secrecy he can rely upon, and whom he can trust in every possible way.
Example #5
Brandishing his sword, shouting words of reassurance, exposing his person without a thought of the darts aimed at him, he was making a heroic effort to check the rush of his panic-stricken host.
Example #6
Nor was he mistaken; within spear-throw the mighty frame of the Ironside towered above his struggling guard.