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Magalhaes of Rio Janeiro reports a very interesting case of elephantiasis of the scalp, representing dermatolysis, in which the fold of hypertrophied skin fell over the face like the hide of an elephant, somewhat similar in appearance to the "elephant-man.
Possibly the most interesting of the examples of skin-anomaly was the "elephant-man" of London.
Imagine a crowd of huge, wrinkled, slow-moving elephant-men getting into a vast elephant omnibus.

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Example #1
He often duplicated this feat before vast assemblages, though hardly ever attaining the same degree of temperature, the thermometer generally varying from 250 degrees F. upward.
Example #2
Bartholinus mentions a case in a youth; the Ephemerides several instances; Zacutus Lusitanus, Salmuth, Hngedorn, Fabricius Hildanus, Vesalius, Mead, and Acta Eruditorum all mention instances.
Example #3
They are rarely seen to stand upright, unless to look around, and they gnaw bones in the manner of a dog, holding one end between the forearms and hands, while snarling and snapping at everybody who approaches too near.
Example #4
Chasser speaks of a case in which there was concurrent pregnancy in both the uterus and the Fallopian tube.
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And would they have ever tried airships?
Example #6
A race descended from elephants would have had to build on a large scale.