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How to use else-to in a sentence. Else-to pronunciation.

I was brought up like everybody else-to be more or less of a poser and a hypocrite.
With no rope-or anything else-to tie the house with, Brownie could not see that Grandaddy's advice was of any use to him.
It was for this he had written it,-for this and nothing else,-to save the baby's life.

Examples of Else-to

Example #1
In fact, I think there was almost nothing genuine about me.
Example #2
When Mildred spoke to her of this quality in her she said: "I owe that to my husband.
Example #3
Anyhow, he was glad he had done as Tired Tim had suggested and dug a house in the bank, where he could hide until the storm passed.
Example #4
A LUCKY FIND Brownie Beaver almost wished he hadn't spent so much time waiting for Grandaddy to tell him to tie down his house so it wouldn't be carried away by the big wind on the following day.
Example #5
Having thus enrolled himself as one of the Agency Indians, he had a claim on this the Agency doctor.
Example #6
Alessandro's name was in the Agency books.